The Process of Acquiring Funds

Getting Aquainted


To introduce us to your current or prospective business. our team will start by reviewing your Executive Summary and have you complete our Funding Submission Request Form. This will help us determine your specific financing needs  and help us to assess your qualifications to meet our basic criteria.  This initial period also allows us time to gather your supporting documents and presentation material.  Our goal here, is to ensure that you are ready to “make your case,” in the most professional manner.

Keep in mind that not all  applications are accepted.  Our team determines viability on a case by case basis.

Next Step


Our clients tell us why they come to us. They say that the hardest part of their work is finding ways in which to finance their business ventures. Finding the right source can be daunting and grossly time consuming without professional and knowledgeable assistance.  

During this critical time period Shark Ventures Funding Group makes every effort to find your ideal match.  Over several years we have cultivated relationships with Hard Money Lenders, Commercial and Private Lenders, as well as Angel Investors, Private Equity Partners,  and Venture Capitalists located throughout the U.S.   

Each Business goal is unique just as the specialization and goals of our financial partners.    

We work hard and smart to ensure that we service you in the most professional manner while protecting the integrity of our clientele and financial partners.  Once an offer is given and accepted we are now ready to assist you in finalizing your financial goals.

Finanlizing the Deal


At this stage our clients will want to consult and finalize transactions through their designated legal council, agents and / or representatives while negotiating with our financial partners.  

As an added feature of our service, during this time, we may assist you in travel arrangements, document prep. or other necessary arrangements to help make this a seamless transaction for you.  

A Representative from our Company will accompany you to the closing table to assist you.  We find that this gives our clients peace of mind knowing that we are there from beginning to end.