Who Are Our Financial Partners

Our Financial Partners come from all walks of life.  Some are seasoned business owners while others enjoy the ability to work in a more passive nature providing financial backing for our clientele.  

We also work with athletes, celebrities and other unique type professionals who are looking to harness their  entrepreneurial skills while developing  diversity  within their business goals and partnering with our highly skilled and experienced clientele.  

Whether you are looking for an equity partner or a provider of debt financing or even a combination thereof, we will make every attempt to find your match.  

In order to qualify as a financial partner with Shark Ventures Funding Group, potential Financiers must be invited to work with us.  They must be accredited Investors with experience in their field of investment(s) and adhere to the terms and conditions of our policies. 

We have cultivated relationships with;

- Hard Money Lenders

- Commercial Lenders 

- Private Lenders 

- Angel Investors

- Private Equity Partners

- Private Equity Partners

- Venture Capitalists